I am a big fan of the Microchip PIC processor and Matrix Multimedia E-Block system.

I like the way I can assemble E-Blocks together in a Lego/Mecanno style.

For some time I have had the intention of designing and constructing some user designed E-Blocks.

I have used Eagle PCB software for the designs. The intention is to get enough designs together to get the PCB's professionally made by somebody like Olimex.

A longer term aim is to get a Flowcode license and develop user components where applicable.

If you wish to see the above happen quicker then please consider donating via paypal.

The designs have been created with a hobby version of Eagle, but should be viewable and printable with the free version.

Eagle PCB software
My Eagle Library

All designs are copyright Keith Sloan

User designed E-Blocks

I2C E-Block

Flash E-Block

IfraRed Camera Trigger E-Block